Monday, April 11, 2011


I though I would share a few random photos from the last month or so:
Crab leg dinner,
the only Shamrock Shake this year,
the first batch of homemade cinnamon rolls
rising in the sunshine (the week before the official start of spring),
lots of bird watching,
and (hopefully) the last big storm before spring.
I purchased an ipad from a friend,
which my 18 month old nephew caught onto real quick!
I celebrated my 36th birthday at home with my family,
and ate the first of two chocolate cakes.
Stole lots of cuddles,
and woke up in the middle of the night to take this photo
out my bedroom window.
I celebrated my birthday again with my husband,
complete with an awesome photo shoot.
I watched a giant read from the top of our school roof as
a reward for our beanstalk growing all the way around the school and out the doors,
and watched the furbabies try to steal my balloons... for DAYS.
I came real close to completing my 30 Days of Lists Journal,
and found the most AMAZING line of dollar items at Michaels!
These are going to be PERFECT invites and popcorn bags for the
hot air balloon parties we plan on throwing over the years.
( Did I mention that the balloons take off from our backyard?!!!!)
Now we're just enjoying the wonderful spring-like weather.
I hope you're having great weather in your little neck of the woods too!
Now you're a bit more caught up.

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