Monday, April 04, 2011

Make It Monday

It's finally spring break!
I'm really looking forward to getting lots of errands run, boxes cleaned out, and fun projects done before finishing the week off hosting a get-together with some of my favorite girls!
Here is some inspiration to start off your week:

I'm hoping to do something like this (later today!)
with the inside of my pantry door.

I would love to make something like this for my scrapbook area. Still struggling with whether or not to put nail holes in the "temporary scrapbook nook" knowing it will eventually be a kitchenette area...

BTW- eighteen25 offers prints for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Birthday and St. Patrick's Day on her site for free also. The prints download to 16 x 20 but make great 8 x 10 prints! Mine is being printed as we speak. :)

Watch for my Michael's post later this week,
these animal necklaces would go perfectly with the items I found!

I just love the colors!

Have a wonderfully enjoyable week!

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