Tuesday, February 09, 2016

OLW January

Just like every year, I started 2016 off by choosing a word to guide me. 
Actually, to be totally honest, my word chose me way back in October. 
It's funny how one day a word starts running around your brain. 
Round and round, full of possibility and promise,
the excitement growing
until finally, January 1st arrives!

As the new year began, I was (again) super excited to begin
I immediately jumped in to start to get to know my word. 
The funny thing is, upon reflecting, 
it immediately became obvious that choosing the word 
BRAVE was going to be scary. 
Very scary.
I knew this was going to be a hard year, 
and I chose my word to face the year head on, 
but now I was scared. 
Clearly, I had chosen the perfect word for me.

So there they are: my reflections and intentions for being BRAVE in 2016.


A Low Key Way to Ring in the New Year

Thursday, July 30, 2015

What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday 321

It's been a VERY long time since I've linked up with Julia over at Stamping Ground but I am so happy to be back! This week I am working on printing and scrapbooking my photos from ALL of July. As it turns out, July has been non-stop. In a good way. This is actually the first time all month I have been able to focus on recording our journey. 
That Selphy printer? Priceless.  
Awhile back I calculated the cost of using it to print at home, and yes, it is a bit more expensive than sending out for prints. The difference? I can document the adventure while I'm still super excited to do so. That's worth it to me.

One organizational tip that has really helped me lately, is to make boxed kits of all the supplies that I want to use in an album. This allows me to choose a color palate and limit the number of supplies in front of me, maximizing my productivity.

Of course, this basket of alphabet stickers is always hanging around. It is absolutely amazing how may alphabet stickers I use! (The Lora Bailora stamps just arrived and have found their way in there too. They just make me happy.)

The actual pages in the album are coming along 
slowly but surely.

Seeing the finished pages is my tinsel. 
I love looking back over these care-free summer adventures!

There's nothing better than carving out a few hours to do something for myself. 
(Littlefoot looks like the perfect scrapping companion here, but don't let that fool you. I have to pry the scraps away from her every couple of minutes!)


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Embracing #33: Print Blog Books

(Embracing posts are random updates to show off the progress 
I have made on my 40 Before 40 List. 
The numbers refer to the original numbering of goals on my list, 
not the order in which they are blogged.)
One of the most important things on my 40 Before 40 List was to finally print my blog. I have researched and experimented with various companies over the years, slurping my blog, trying to reorganize the pages and make some sense of the content,  but in the end, always abandoning the whole process.

 I was secretly afraid of losing the past nine years of my blog. I knew that having multiple books made at once would be a huge undertaking, but the only way I was ever going to get it done was by batch processing everything and shelling out as much money as necessary to get it done. 

I was so excited to see how easy this company made it for me to take the contents of my entire bog and have them made into books. 

It took just a few hours to organize all of my posts into hardbound books to be displayed in my home. 

In the end I ended up with eight books (combining two rather sparse years) that now sit on top of the piano. 

Don't they look amazing?
(I just printed them in the most basic format. You could spend time customizing and reformatting if you wanted.)

They were worth every penny. 
On multiple occasions, I have stopped to grab one. Every time, I end up reading it cover to cover. 
I just can't get over how much I love these books! 

The best part? I'm all caught up. From here on out it will be super easy to just order the most recent year and keep growing my library. 

I'm so glad I made this Bucket List!


This Week's Tinsel #1

(This Week's Tinsel allows me to share the things that add a little glimmer of joy to my life each week. (Products, adventures, moments, epiphanies, etc.) I hope reading about them brightens your day a little too!)

 MacBook Pro

You may have noticed that blog posts around here have been very few and far between. Last fall, my good old MacBook took a turn for the worse. She had been by my side for 7 or 8 years, but was not feeling so well anymore. Insert Project Squirrel Away Money. At first I didn't think much of it, just put it on my to-do list of things to save money for. Then in March, she quit working all together. 

Let me tell you, suddenly being without a computer at all is VERY challenging. Sure, I have my phone, but with aging eyes like mine, it takes an awful lot of patience to type out a blog post. Too much patience in fact. 

So finding a new computer became necessity. (Luckily, I was able to supplement my income by working an extra week on the Common Core Report Card Committee in my district.) So the search began. I really LOVE my MacBooks and despite my hubby's encouragement to try another brand, I was convinced I needed another Mac. 

After many hoops and obstacles, this beauty landed on my doorstep, and boy was she worth the wait! I can't wait to figure out all the new bells and whistles, but most importantly, I am excited to be back at this blog writing business! Watch out world, extensive,nonsensical documentation of our lives is once again in full force!

Starbucks City Mug/Traverse City Cherries

Mornings. I love my summer mornings. They are my quiet time. My time to think, plan, blog, catch up on online classes, and enjoy my coffee. 

Lately, I have had a near obsession with coffee mugs. I know it's driving Rex nutty as it is getting harder and harder to close the cupboard door. (I keep rearranging to make it look like the mugs aren't taking over, but let's face it, they are.) I promised myself that I would be super selective about the mugs I bring home from now on, but how could I pass up the Detroit mug? I've been searching for it since they came out last year, had all but given up, and BAM, there it was. No contest. It came home with me.

Oh, and the cherries? They're my tinsel too. I come from a town that's known as The Cherry Capital of the World, therefore, I'm kind of picky about my cherries. No Washington cherries for me!  I will be content (over)eating cherries until they are out of season around here. :)

New Books!

Funny story? I've been to B&N twice in the last week. Why, because I gave away some of the books I bought myself. I tend to do that. Give away my favorites. It just makes me happy!

The first book that I'm SUPER excited about is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. This book is exploding on instagram right now (#konmari) and I am really inspired by what others are saying and doing because of this book. I started to read it the other day (and then gave it away to a good friend) and I can't even tell you how excited I am to start this process in my life! Many who have read the book have suggested that you read it all the way through before you start tidying in order to avoid going back and redoing things, but I'm not sure I can resist. I'm ready to toss/donate everything! (Okay, not everything, but more than ever!) I'm ready for some life-changing tidying!

The bottom three books in the stack are stories that have always brought me joy. Classic stories with beautiful covers have been my tinsel lately. Earlier in the year, I started collecting (hmmm....this tidying thing might be harder than I thought...) classics with gilded edges, beautiful illustrations and fancy covers. When I saw this series at B&N for only ten dollars a piece, I knew I had to have my favorites: Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. These are books I have read and reread, and I do have MANY copies of them, but they are also the most loved, and these beautiful copies make me happy. :)

(Oh, I almost forgot! The other book in the pile is Rex's journal. It has a beautiful cover, and lots of room to write lyrics on one side and tablature on the other. It's perfect for keeping all his original songs together.)

Wow, it seems like I could go on and on about the tinsel in my life right now, but I will save some of it for another day. I'd hate to scare everyone away with mega-long blog posts right out of the gates. 

Remember to look for those little pieces of tinsel in your own life!


Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Embracing My 40 Before 40 List

Some of you may have been wondering about my lack of New Year's resolutions/goals for the year. 
Well, I have goals friends, I have goals! 
Last January I started a bucket list that takes me right through March of this year. I gave myself 15 months to work on 40 goals.  The crazy part is that I'm already down to two months to accomplish all of this. 
(Edited: I have extended my timeframe to the end of my 40th year. I have decided that enjoying the items on my list is more important than stressing about a self-imposed deadline.)
So... it's about time I made this list public!
(Purple items are started, blue items are completed, 
and black items are items that I have not even begun)

My 40 Before 40 List

1. Renew my passport
2. See the U.P. Lighthouses
3. Make a quilt
4. Finish my December Daily albums (2012, 2013, 2014)
5. Document Mom & Dad's antiques
6. Read 40 books
7. Take a painting class
8. Ice Skate
9. Treat my body better
10. Plan/hold a Woman's Weekend
11. Girls' Getaway with friends
12. Enter a photo contest
13. Take a hot air balloon ride
14. Back up photos from the last 5 years
15. Prioritize pregnancy/adoption 
16. Draw, draw, draw
17. See a broadway show
18. Attend a MSU sporting event
19. See a concert
20. Purge and donate
21. Interview Grandma & Marilyn
22. 20 RAKs
23. Create "About Me" scrapbook
24. Read the Bible
25. 40 Cards to loved ones
26. Take a road trip
27. Try 40 new recipes
28. Swim
29. Eliminate my debt
30. Play in the snow
31. Stay at a Bed & Breakfast
32. Skip stones
33. Print blog books
34. Create Metamora Book
35. Inventory/Organize dvd's
36. Take 10 online classes
37. Write/blog
38. Learn manual DSLR
39. Take risks (teaching)

I know what you are thinking. You're thinking that I can't count.  That's only 39 items, I said 40 didn't I? Yes, I know. I have full faith that that 40th item is just going to jump out at me. When and where, I have no clue. Trust me though, things always seem to jump at me at the last moment. 

Between now and the end of March, my intent is to start blogging about the items I have already checked off the list (see item # 37). I would love to share my journey through these goals with you. Mostly though, I would like to have them documented here. 
For me. 
For the future. 
I'm not getting any younger you know!

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Embracing A New Year

Happy February!
Once again, I have been very busy enjoying (and EMBRACING) all the little things that come with making plans, getting creative, and enjoying my snow days during this otherwise overcast and frigid time of year. 

I choose my One Little Word for this year. 
Actually, it chose me back in October. 
Lately we have been getting accustomed to one another. It is kind of strange moving on from my last word (JOY) but refreshing at the same time. Slowly but surely my word has been spending more and more time making itself comfortable in my thoughts.
(I betcha can't guess my word!)

I've also been having a blast with this new planner craze! I have combined the Heidi Swapp planner kit from Michaels as well as the new Life Documented Planner from Simple Stories. Although they were not made to go together, I have found a happy little combination of the two provides me with a couple of different ways to document each month.

I'm using the original Heidi Swapp pages to jot down class information, product launches and the day to day happenings.
The Simple Stories pages are great for photo documenting the month. Although, I may use this calendar differently from time to time. It just may be the perfect landing spot for my thinking about some of the classes I take where I am documenting daily. 

So here's to 2015, with all it has to offer. I welcome you, and promise to embrace you (and document the heck out of you) every step of the way.

Saturday, September 27, 2014


(Currently products and ideas can be found at rukristin)

Watching- the Harvest,Horses and Hounds Festival set up out my back window

Reading-lots of class content, If I Stay, The Book Thief and The Happiness Project 

Listening- to the quiet. I love this time of the morning.

Making-time to do the things I want to do, prioritizing myself, my health, exercise and moments for creativity

Feeling-upbeat and positive

Planning- on enjoying my hometown festival in a couple of hours, blogging, scrapbooking, watching more episodes of Felicity

Loving-spending time with Lisa, new scrappy products, fall weekends that feel like summer
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