Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vegas:Day 3

Day three began early with a tour of the building (especially for Rex who had gotten less than 3 hours sleep, something about a blackjack table and a winning streak...). It seemed like we were being led around and around by our half awake tour guide (starts with the letter R), when actually we were on a meticulously calculated path to the....largest nugget of gold ever found!
Just kidding! That was the old record holder.
Let's try this again...
That's better. :)
A few postcards and a crazy Golden Nugget hat later and we're off!
First stop, the Wynn to show mom the beautiful hanging flowers!
Next stop....McDonald's. It really was an unusual looking McDonald's (although I guess you can't tell from this photo. It even had an internet lounge set up in the front.
Then off to Circus Circus to visit the photo booth and try Chicken Wackin!
(This is a MUST when you come to Vegas!)
Mom and Rex both won prizes. I on the other hand couldn't even hit the thing!
Time for a short break at the Midway to watch the acrobats....
check out Zoltar...
and play the Elvis machine (mom's favorite) enough times to walk out with prizes for Lynds. and Bug.
Venetian here we come!
Heading in, the attention to detail was first obvious in the vending machines.
Mosaic vending machines....WOW!
Venetian glass anyone?
The gondolas on the canal are a must see!
(This is the INSIDE of the building.)
Street performances...
the marble floors and the gold inlaid ceiling murals are amazing!

The final casino tour of the day was the Mirage. We were there to see the tigers, but unfortunately the tigers had been moved to a special location, and we weren't excited enough to pay the fifteen dollar entrance fee. The flower gardens were beautiful though!
For lunch Rex took us to my all time favorite buffet in Vegas, the Carnival World Buffet! (I talk about/visit this place every time we are in Vegas.) He knew how much my mom had heard about it and was determined to make it a stop on this trip too!
When in doubt about how far your hunger will take you, be sure to mix dessert in with each trip to the buffet. This round was the coconut and mango gelato round. (There would be four gelato cups consumed by me alone during this lunch.)
The only bummer about this bufffet is that it is the size of a football field. You never have enough stomach to taste everything you want!
After all that food, it was time for a little drive, so we headed for Red Rock.
On the way out there, it began to rain. In all my trips to Vegas, I'd never seen it rain.
The really amazing part was that the rain brought the flowers out!
And the clouds and scenery were absolutely beautiful.

Can you find the pictographs?
How about now?
What a FABULOUS way to end the day!

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