Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vegas: Day 2

The day started with the boys going to the range for target practice, and the girls spending time just talking and hanging out together. I was so lucky to be able to spend this time with my adorable niece!
When the boys got back we decided the head downtown and grab a hotel for the night. This chandelier in the lobby of the Golden Nugget was my mom's first real look at the extravagance of Vegas.
The aquarium at the front desk....
the room itself...
and the shark tank at the pool (with a slide through the middle)
were pretty amazing too!
After the pool it was time for mom's first Vegas buffet (seafood no less!) and then a stroll up and down Fremont Street.
We even found the Mad Hatter along the way!
Did I mention how much I LOVE Alice in Wonderland?
We posed for this one without even seeing the front first...
we were quite surprised when we finally saw it! Lol!
Then we checked out the new section of Fremont Street where they are starting to display the old neon signs from the casinos of years past.
Finally, before heading back to the hotel, we stopped to watch some street art. This guy spray paints amazing scenes! After doing this dolphin piece, he made an absolutely AMAZING Vegas strip painting. I just wish I had acted fast enough to bring it home with me.
Time for bed!
Another magnificent day in Vegas!

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ashleyrwatts said...

Wow. The boy has always wanted to go to LV but I've always been a little "ehh..." about it (just a small-town girl who gets nervous in big cities lol) but this looks simply amazing. I think I'd love to go now! lol

xo! Ash

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