Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vegas: Day 1 (Photo Heavy)

As you may or may not know, we try to take as many trips to visit Rex's family in Vegas as we can. This year we decided to make good on something we've been saying for years, "You really need to go with us sometime mom!" My mom has always just nodded in agreement but I don't think she ever quite believed that we were serious. So this summer, we informed the family that we were kidnapping her and then booked her ticket. I'm so glad we did. For one thing, our parents have had VERY little time to get to know each other throughout our 16 years together. (I think they've only been together twice besides our wedding!) Also, this was the perfect excuse to spoil my recently retired, yet busier than ever mom.
SO...last week, mom drove down to our apt. late one night, just in time for us to go to a hotel for exactly three hours of sleep, then we boarded our plane (Vegas bound) just as the sun was coming up. I must admit, I was a bit anxious about my mom's reaction at take off. She hadn't been on a plane in 20 years, and I'd never flown with her. I expected she would be a bit nervous and wasn't mentioning it so as not to make her even more so. You can probably imagine my surprise when in that moment the plane left the ground, my mother did not grab my hand or look the least bit nervous, mother let out a great big joy-filled, "Wweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!"
That moment was priceless! I grinned at Rex, he grinned at me, and we just started giggling!

Although we were VERY tired, the flight went rather fast and before we knew it it was 7:30 am and we had arrived. (Did I mention how amazing the clouds were along the way?)
(Lake Mead from the plane)
After stopping at home to drop off luggage, we were off to grab some yummy Mexican food for "breakfast" and then out to explore the Sunset Mountain area and the Rainbow Gardens.
(Mom's two favorite things about the outdoors: plants and rocks.)
Next we headed out to see the Hoover Dam!
The new bridge (not yet open).
Me and both my moms! :) I love them SO so much!
The white line shows how far the water is down. Yikes!
Then we were off to locate the Lake Mead Marina.
(They move it with the changing water level.)

Now do you know why the sign above mentioned the fish and ducks?
They go CRAZY for food! Sometimes they swim almost upright!
In the past we've even seen ducks walk on the backs of the fish to get the food!
We ended the day with a wonderful dinner with the rest of the family and then drove down the strip on our way home. I never get tired of those Vegas lights!

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Anonymous said...

aww looks like a fantastic time! I'm glad Mama Barb got a nice trip to celebrate her retirement.

love to all!

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