Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bug's First Birthday

I know that I'm very late posting these photos but I'm just SO proud of my little sister and her little man. Being able to spend this day celebrating with them, surrounded by family and friends meant the world to me. I am SO lucky to be the aunt to such a sweet little man (and an adorable little girl on Rex's side too!)
Check out the adorable cake! (Obviously there was a farm theme.)
The tables and decorations were SO cute!
The piggy cake was made just for the birthday boy.
There were lots and lots of yummy snacks and tiny little details everywhere.
The birthday boy seemed to have an excellent time mingling with family and friends, being passed from one person to the next. He really is an easy going boy. :)
He absolutely adores his Grandfather time, can you tell?
Did I mention that he was almost walking? (Here with Aunt Sandra)
Bug discovered the refreshments while on one of his walks. He had little interest in the drinks, but the ice...the ice was cool!
Nap time! (On Grandma's shoulders)
Time to open his gift from Uncle Curtis! He was SO excited and instantly knew what to do with his new gift. I think we all watched him go from baby to toddler in this one single moment.
Now on to the cake....Kim was absolutely adorable watching her Bug and his cake!
Bug was a bit timid at first...
but he warmed up to the idea!
At this point he seemed to be deciding whether or not to continue.

After Uncle Chris came to the rescue with some water, Bug was back at it again!
(Don't worry about the big holes in the cake, some of the onlookers helped him.)
The aftermath.
After a bath to wash off the pink, it was present time again! Aunt Sandra and Uncle Chris got him a dragon pool and filled it with balls. Bug and Uncle Chris played and played while the rest of us just looked on (some of us trying not to cry). It's been a long time since I've witnessed Uncle Chris playing like this!
Have you ever tried to move a pool full of balls from one room to another?
Yeah....It was a group effort.
It was officially one of my favorite days...ever. There's nothing better than spending quality time with family!

P.S. For those of you wondering...I made a huge blunder. I walked away with exactly 286 photos of the day, none of which included me!

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