Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An Adventure

On Saturday Rex decided that I should get away from cleaning and working around the house and go on a little adventure with him. So we hopped into the car and headed just a few miles away to an art fair/midway at a local Christmas Village! Unfortunately, there was almost NOTHING going on while we were there, but it was nice to just wander in and out of all the unique stores.

(He likes to strike random poses in the background
to see how long it takes me to notice.)

It was nice to wander through this air-conditioned Christmas store. Every other time I've been here there were so many people you could hardly move. This time we had the store all to ourselves. I wasn't quite ready to buy Christmas decorations yet though.

See the bug?

One last stop before heading home: the ice cream shop! Rex chose a mint-chocolate chip milkshake. After struggling a bit, they gave him two. Unfortunately, the gentlemen at the counter were very new and Rex ended up throwing them out after just a couple of sips. :(

But my ice cream was AWESOME!

Now go find your own adventure, just don't order the milkshake...


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