Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Weekend

We headed up north on Friday night to spend the weekend with my family for Easter. I snatched *Bug* up as soon as we got there (of course) and pretty much didn't let him go until it was time for he and Kim to head home.
Saturday was a busy day. We watched the Spartans in the NCAA Final Four (Almost boys, almost!), dyed Easter Eggs and celebrated my birthday.

Isn't this adorable?
Rex got *Bug* this onsie last spring before he was even born.
"Spartan Fan Since Birth"

There HAD to be at least one right?

Watching the decorating together.

One of my many awesome gifts!
( I also received my favorite soaps, pajamas, reading materials,
two seasons of Bones, easter decorations, and owl themed goodies. )

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me...
(Doesn't Grandma look SO happy here? I LOVE this one!)

Easter morning!
Looks like *somebunny's* ready to hunt for eggs,

and baskets.
(He's only 8 months old now, can you imagine how fun next year's going to be?)

Mommy kisses from such a happy boy.

*Bug* and Aunt Razzi

My very own Easter Bunny lives to see another year.
(Powder's a dwarf and an albino and this particular breed's life expectancy
is a maximum of 5-6 years. He was born in December of 1996.
You do the math.....He's old!)

The infamous BunnyCake! Except he didn't look too much
like a bunny this year. Lol!

Check it out!
The Easter Bunny visited our apartment while we were gone!
Thank you Easter Bunny!
It was a GREAT weekend!

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