Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Bestie Surprise!

When we arrived home on Easter Sunday,
my partner in crime was waiting to give me my birthday surprises!
They came all wrapped up in this adorable tote bag.
I love that when she finds a good deal on something crafty,
she buys one for me too!
(Yep, that actually says 14 cents.)
You're not going to believe what else was in the bag...
Original drawings by my *Bestie JoJo!
(Don't I look adorable in my Who shirt? And the fox....oh my goodness...)

Then there's my *love* of narwhals...
( I LOVE that it's a pirate!)

Alice in Wonderland...
and Rex!
(Tell me these aren't AMAZING!)
She even handpainted the frames to match my decor!
That's not all!
She also made me this adorable journal holder,
complete with a brand new journal.
You are so amazing Jo.
I absolutely LOVE all of my gifts!
Who knew you were so stinkin' talented? (LOL!)
I love that we found each other,
Love, Jen

*If you'd like to see what kind of crafty goodness Josie''s been up to,
and fall in love with her adorable boys ( as I did years ago) check out her blog here.

1 comment:

Josie said...

lol! Happy Birthday!!! and SO glad little foot came back! That's GREAT news!!! (sorry, I'm a little exclamation happy today! make that a lot)

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