Friday, January 01, 2010

Welcome 2010!

My Elsie Planner is ready to go.
I've ordered this *SUPER CUTE* calendar for the kitchen,
and this daily journal too. (Both from Korea)
One of my goals this year is to make sure that I journal, draw and record
inspiration EVERY day.  This journal is perfect (for more than one reason). 
It's filled with illustrations, quotes and spaces for making notes, drawings and 
even recording my daily spending. I'm hoping that just by being so cute and 
fun to fill in, it will keep me inspired to take time every day to record my 
life right now.
What do you think?

Which leads me to this:
I'm very proud to say that last year one of my goals was to complete
Project 365 (a photo each and every day of the year), and I did! 
I now have an entire year of priceless photographs of my favorite 
moments as well as my everyday surroundings.
I have been thinking about it for a while now and have decided to 
do something different this year. I just can't see recording every
day in photos again. I think I'm ready to move on to something
else. (It doesn't hurt that this year's kit uses colors that do not 
appeal to me.)  So what do I do instead? 
Well, upon returning from our holiday gatherings, 
I found this in my inbox:

It's a kit put together by the MemoryWorks company with a similar feel 
as the Project 365 idea. Only this one is simpler and less expensive. 
The idea is to record memories weekly or monthly (or even by event
for that matter) while using the preprinted and sized papers, quotes, and 
month cards to complete the layouts in divided pages. 
The catch is that it is only available from MemoryWorks....
EXCEPT....I happen to be a MemoryWorks consultant!
So if you decide you are interested, or want more info, check out the little 
*blinkie* under my profile at the top of the page and then just let me know. 
I just *love* it when it all seems to come together!

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