Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Favorites

 I am SO excited to be taking the Autumn Online class from Red Velvet Art!  The fact that it starts in the middle of September is getting me through the reality that I have only four more days before I will officially be back at school. (Meetings this upcoming week, the kids start after labor day. )  Anyway, I'm super excited to be heading out to the craft stores today to find the supplies I need for the online class. 
(It's like Christmas in August!) 
Today's favorites can all be found here at the Red Velvet Art website. I hope these inspire you and make your rainy day (at least here in MI) just a little bit brighter.
(The lovely Miss Elsie)
I love this fun vinyl mustache. Think of all the possibilities!
A cute fall friend,
and hand decorated onsies.
The one on the bottom right is named Jenny Lou. Someone bought it up before I could get my order placed.  I was really looking forward to buying her, Jenny Lou is awfully close to Jenny Lynn. :)
I LOVE these bracelets, especially the XOXO.
This planner is a must have. You know how I am about organization.
(You get to embroider the divider page for each month!)
Journals are candy for my brain.  These are on my wishlist.
I love this original painting by Elsie. I want it to say "Rex" under the dinosaur.  
(I know it's not a T-Rex, I just thought that since the painting is about loving dinosaurs it would be fun to have it customized.)

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