Sunday, August 23, 2009

One Last Trip Before School Starts

Last week we were lucky enough to visit two amazing friends in Chicago.  We spent the days roaming around, enjoying the sights, and the nights eating amazing food, laughing and enjoying the company of this cute couple.

We started our trip by hopping on a train to Chicago (my first time, unfortunately it wasn't really my favorite mode of transportation)

Six hours later (and very hungry and tired) we arrived in Chicago.

On our first day we got on the subway and went down to Michigan Ave. and proceeded to walk to Navy Pier (this trip was full of LONG walks), we spent time walking the pier, taking lots of photos and getting lunch and then took the water taxi back to Michigan  Ave. where we headed down the Magnificent Mile.

After shopping around (I purchased some new journals and a 2010 planner) we stopped to get a dark chocolate sundae treat at Ghirardelli. (The funny part was that there was a Hershey's store right across the street.) 

Boy was it GOOD!

On the second day we headed downtown on the subway and walked to the Field Museum (good thing to do when it is raining).  We spent hours wandering around and around, amazed at the quality of the exhibits. I spent an hour or so just wandering around taking photos that I can use for my social studies classes this year.

We even got to see Sue and found some cool T-Rex souvenirs to take home.

By the time we were done rushing through the final exhibits for the day, it was beautiful outside so we walked down to Millennium Park.

We found "the bean" there and took LOTS of photos. 
(Reflection photos are kind of my thing.)

 Note to Self: next time bring a rag to clear off some of  the smudges 
left behind by the many crowds who also love the photo op.

(We're the State fans in the green!)

Oh, and BuBba loved the photo op too!

Next was a fabulous Italian dinner...

and a pretty impromptu visit HERE...

where the boys got matching tattoos to remember the special bond that they share, and Bets got some work done on her tattoo....but I couldn't find the right version of my tattoo. :( So a couple of hours later, we all left with new tattoos, except me of course. I REALLY wanted my tattoo, but I was not going to get one that wasn't exactly what I wanted.  
I'm still kind of bummed about it.

On our last day in Chicago we headed to the Lincoln Park Zoo where I once again took way too many photos. (Here are just a couple.)

On the way back we stopped at a hot dog joint for a good lunch 
and Rex ordered tacos (?)!
Check out these tacos...they have processed cheese slices on them...what?

I had my first Chicago Dog! 
It was a GREAT way to spend the last few days before heading back into my classroom to get the rest of my paperwork and set-up done. Thanks Jer and Bets for inviting us! We love you so much and can't wait until we see you next time... for your WEDDING!

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Anonymous said...

Great pics Jenny, looks like you guys had a great time:)

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