Thursday, July 13, 2006

You are not forgotten!

Well, I was off to a great start with this blog, but it IS summertime and even though I am not working right now, I have found lots of ways to occupy my time. Exporing the internet for information on digital cameras and photography has been my focus this week. We have been talking for the last couple of years about starting to do more and more photography and I found an amazing deal on our dream camera. (For now, the REAL dream is way out of our price range.) Besides, we have done quite a few weddings and even an engagement session and not charged anyone! Long story short, I have started a notebook of wish lists and to-do lists to get this idea off the ground. That combined with lots and lots of scrapbooking has kept me pretty busy! I do resolve to update this blog much more often (at least biweekly?) so that people might actually visit it every once in a while.

(This is a shot from the wedding we photographed last month. Yes, that is my wedding dress. Along with our photographic duties, the bride borrowed my wedding dress.)

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