Thursday, July 13, 2006

What's New!

This one takes the cake for the funniest thing to happen to me this week. Are you ready for this?
Last night Rex went out to smoke and came back with a kitten!
Yes, she is absolutely adorable, I'm just not sure how ready we were for a kitten. This one belonged to a friend of Rex's from work who moved out yesterday but could not take the kitten with him. She (Sebastion...we think) has the mannerisms of Butts and the looks of Yohan. Now everyone will be very confused because all three cats look alike. Yes, now we have three cats....Yohan, Sebastian, Butts. This is where we draw the line. No more cats for the next eighteen years or so. It does seem like yesterday that we got Butts and Yohan as kittens and they are almost ten already. Time flies!

FYI--The three "kids" are getting along pretty well already. Just a bit of hissing and a few funny looks. In the next couple of days they should be fine. :)
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