Friday, June 23, 2006

Scrapbooks, scrapbooks, and more scrapbooks!

The last few days have been spent scrapbooking. I know, big surprise right? Actually, I have accomplished more scrapbooking in the last week than in the last couple of months. I have completed the first half of a "Baby's First Year" book for a friend (18 pages), three wedding albums complete with CD's of the pictures, 16 pages in my "ME" scrapbook, four of my own random pages, and 29 handmade cards. All this in the last five days! If I can keep this up I should be done with my scrapbooking approximately ten years after I die. Well there's a goal if I've ever seen one! Seriously though, I feel as if I actually accomlished something this week, even if I never did get into the exercise routine I promised myself. Now, to pack and off to visit the 'rents and attend a wedding. Should be an exciting weekend. See you on the flip side!
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