Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Embracing #33: Print Blog Books

(Embracing posts are random updates to show off the progress 
I have made on my 40 Before 40 List. 
The numbers refer to the original numbering of goals on my list, 
not the order in which they are blogged.)
One of the most important things on my 40 Before 40 List was to finally print my blog. I have researched and experimented with various companies over the years, slurping my blog, trying to reorganize the pages and make some sense of the content,  but in the end, always abandoning the whole process.

 I was secretly afraid of losing the past nine years of my blog. I knew that having multiple books made at once would be a huge undertaking, but the only way I was ever going to get it done was by batch processing everything and shelling out as much money as necessary to get it done. 

I was so excited to see how easy this company made it for me to take the contents of my entire bog and have them made into books. 

It took just a few hours to organize all of my posts into hardbound books to be displayed in my home. 

In the end I ended up with eight books (combining two rather sparse years) that now sit on top of the piano. 

Don't they look amazing?
(I just printed them in the most basic format. You could spend time customizing and reformatting if you wanted.)

They were worth every penny. 
On multiple occasions, I have stopped to grab one. Every time, I end up reading it cover to cover. 
I just can't get over how much I love these books! 

The best part? I'm all caught up. From here on out it will be super easy to just order the most recent year and keep growing my library. 

I'm so glad I made this Bucket List!


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