Sunday, July 07, 2013

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday

*This never posted on Wed. so I'm posting now. :)

This week I took advantage of the beautiful weather and decided to work outside. I'm not sure why I don't do this more often, it's so quiet and relaxing!
What am I working on you ask? 
Well... I found this fabulous class by Kristin over at rukristin papercrafts.  The class is called Find Your Voice and it's an eight week class on storytelling. (Did I mention that it's FREE?) This is something I have been very eager to work on. Just today in fact, Rex mentioned that if I will go for a certain little idea he had planned (the idea's not the important part here, just use your imagination) that he would read me my scrapbooks as a bedtime story. (Lol! Where does he come up with this stuff?)  
Now, before you go all mushy on me with an "Awww" or "That's so sweet,"  let me finish. His next words were, "It won't take long, there are hardly any words." 
Thanks honey.
He's right though. I'm a pro at taking and printing pictures. I'm even pretty good at scrapbooking them. The reality of it is....I don't focus too much on the stories. I always mean to. I just never get around to it. 
Enter Kristen's class. 

At first I was afraid it would feel too much like work, but it really doesn't. In fact, I was so engrossed in the assignments that I ended up moving right through Lesson 1 and on to Lesson 2 in one sitting. 
Speaking of Lesson 2, here is a little photo I put together with inspiration from one of the activities.
Anyway, that's what I'm up to this week.
So, go check out Kristin's class, and remember to visit Julia over at Stamping Ground for more fabulous bloggers sharing what's on their workdesks this week


Miss Nelson said...

Thanks for stopping by. I purchased Rhonna designs but I must have a bad file.. I can't enlarge and all of a sudden it disappears. Maybe I 'm doing it wrong? I know I'll love it once I figure it out.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Ouch! This reminds me of all the pages I have in my scrapbooks with nice big journaling blocks that are empty. I always intend to go back and add the journaling later. . .

Anonymous said...

Hey, Baby girl Levi,You forgot one of my favorites DAUGHTER!!! on your list
ps I didn' see the Wednesday post when last I visited.I LIKE IT!
love mamba

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