Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What? No fireworks?

So, I've waited and waited to share images from our 4th with you. Why? Well, because I wanted to include the firework photos. 0h, and the creative sparkler shots. 
The only problem is that the awesome fireworks display that takes place literally 40 yards out our back door never happened! The weather was nice enough. The community is great about showing up for shindigs of the smallest caliber, so what happened? 
I still have no idea.
All I know is that somehow we are out of the loop because not one car showed up. Not on the 4th, not on the weekend, nothing.
And the sparklers? They are still sitting on the kitchen counter. 
Guess we'll have to add that to the bucket list. 
Anyway, you can see by the almost completed bingo card below that we did end up having a great 4th, despite the no-show fireworks. The picture in the lower right hand corner? Those are fireworks. 
Ok, let me explain. 
Although we did not have a proper fireworks celebration, we were lucky enough (Sarcasm alert!) to have the neighbors across the street shoot off a massive set that rattled our house, barely missing our front window and showering debris all over our front lawn as my husband stood perplexed on the front porch trying to figure out what had happened. 
Worthy of marking on the bingo card if you ask me.

Check out all the festive decorations! It's not like I put them up the day of or anything. ;)
We were also lucky enough to spend some time visiting with friends at a local campground. (You can also see that I managed to down load and play with Rhonna's new app.)

That brings us to the evening. 
The part where we waited and waited for fireworks. No matter though, I have an amazing husband who bought me a huge steak and cooked it to perfection, all in a quest to make his wife happy. (That's what he says to me daily, and he is successful daily in making our world together such a happy place to be. :)
I love him for that!


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