Thursday, September 01, 2011

September Already?

Wow! How did that happen?
And what do Mariachi owls have to do with September?
WHOO knows, but they sure are cute!

I've got so much to share from this summer,
but so little time left before school starts!

On the plus side:

* My 4TH GRADE(!) room is all set up and ready to go
*I've got a brand new teaching partner
whom I already knew through best friends M & E
*I just started two new online journaling classes today
(more on that later)
*I've got a few days off to catch up on some scrapping
*and it is supposed to be the perfect beach day tomorrow!

Here's to the last few days of summer vacation,
I for one am planning on making the most of it!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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