Sunday, August 21, 2011

WITL Day 1

What is WITL you ask?
WITL stands for Week in the Life.
Week in the Life is a project put together by Ali Edwards (scrapbooker extraordinaire). This is my third year participating in the project. The first year we documented a week in the fall, last year it was a week in the spring, and this year the project fell in late July. Perfect timing as far as I was concerned because I was already planning to be up north with my family for the week.
Due to my inability to do anything the easy way (when it comes to scrapbooking and documenting) I started the project a couple days early and then extended it a few days! It would have been a shame to end right before our anniversary right? Then we had to document the discovery of a new campground and favorite relaxing spot on the shores of Lake Huron.....
Anyway, my Week in the Life quickly turned into TWO Weeks in the Life. That's right, fourteen whole days. So here they are, complete with photo and video tallies,
and brief explanations (mostly for me).

Date: July 23, 2011
Number of Photos: 32
Number of Videos: 0
*Cooked pulled pork, cilantro lime dressing, lemonade pie
*Mom, Kim and Bug here
*Caught up/played
*Just Dance 2 on Wii (even mom!)
*Made lime cilantro rice to go with pork salad
*Rex picked up Greg's pizza for Kim and Bug
*Rex made pork quesadilla
*Lemonade pie for dessert
*Bug to bed
*Bug found Kim's money (lol!)
*Bones/caught up

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