Monday, November 29, 2010

Make it Monday

Happy (Cyber) Monday!
I don't know about you, but I'm not going to try and fight the internet crowds today. I found that most of the Black Friday sales I was interested in were actually available online the entire weekend. I actually got most of my shopping done!
Here are a few fun things to do this week while you are avoiding the real or virtual crowds:
Last year I decorated the living/dining room with tons of paper chains and snowflakes, but wouldn't it be fun to add these to the mix? And what a great way to use up/recycle those newspapers. :)

I really want to try making some homemade marshmallows this year.
I think these would be perfect!

Did I mention that I'm going to participate in the Journal Your Christmas class again this year? I took part for the first time last year and I was so incredibly inspired! The really cool part: besides the awesome Shimelle herself, once you sign up for the class, all years thereafter are FREE! You should join me!
(Shimelle's photo)

I've also completed (I use that word loosely) my December Daily album for the last two years and can't wait to use Ali's inspiration in my JYC/DD album again this year. I am SO INSPIRED by her simple, yet beautiful take on a daily journal.
(Ali's photo)

Did I mention that she has created amazingly affordable templates to make your December Daily album simple and quick? Perfect for this busy time of year.
(I can't wait to start filling in the templates below!)
(Ali's photo)

I'm off and running, I've got a Skype date with a teacher in Argentina!
Have a wonderful day!

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