Sunday, November 28, 2010

Friends' Thanksgiving with a Twist

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!
This week has gone super fast; spending time with Rex's family, ordering Black Friday deals online and trying to get over this annoying cold, but it has been a very relaxing and enjoyable time!
Friends' Thanksgiving was held at M & E's house again this year (for the third time in a row) and we had a get together true to the original idea behind the tradition. There were just a few of us and we worked with the food we had on hand. This year, we went with an Italian theme due to a frozen lasagna that needed to be eaten. (Hence the Italian Beef I told you about earlier.) It was so wonderfully laid back and relaxing!
This little guy was definitely the star of the show!
Hope your holiday was just as wonderful!

1 comment:

{eleise} said...

What an adorable baby!

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