Thursday, November 11, 2010

Have you hugged a Veteran today?

(My Popi is the second from the left, bottom row)

Unfortunately, all my favorite Veterans are far away, but I just received a wonderful phone call from my Popi and Grandma! They called to tell me about the beautiful program they attended today to honor their local Veterans. They have attended the program in their hometown for 14 years now and were so impressed and excited to tell me all about it. More than that, they were calling to wish me luck at my own Veteran's Day Ceremony (tomorrow), and tell me how very proud of me they are for bringing such a wonderful event to our local Veterans. This means the world to me. If I can make just one person walk away feeling like my grandparents felt today, it will have been a great success!
Happy Veteran's Day!
The proud daughter, granddaughter, great granddaughter, daughter-in-law, and sister-in-law of Veterans across this country,

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