Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Four Simple Goals

About a month ago, Elsie posted a challenge to her readers to come up with four simple goals to finish out this year. These goals are meant to be attainable, fun and productive, but not too big, crazy or stressful.
The truth is that I was so inspired that I came up with my goals only a few minutes after reading the post. I'm very excited about working on them. In fact, I have thought about, and worked toward them little by little every day since! So... what have I been up to? Here, take a look and see for yourself!

Goal 1: Start a journal/scrapbook to record and document the house buying process. Include wishlists, accomplishments, stumbling blocks, home decor ideas, feelings, photographs, etc. I won't let this amazing experience just pass me by!
Reward: A home we LOVE! (Oh, and lots of buying of wish list items along the way.)

Goal 2: Minimize. I'm going to sort, donate, giveaway, purge, and destroy (ok, probably not destroy) anything that we don't currently want or use. When we close on our house, I want to pack and move only what we need and love. None of this extra stuff we don't wear or haven't used in years. It's a great time to start fresh.
Reward: A home filled with only the goodies we really love. More space, less junk!

Goal 3: Make time/plan (each week) for more domestic activities. I've really loved planning and shopping for meals, cooking, baking and crafting this summer. I feel at home being the "housewife". I'm back to work now, but I don't want to forget how much satisfaction I felt really exploring these things this summer.
Reward: Healthier meals, a happy husband, and hopefully some fun new projects for the new house!

Goal 4: Scrapbook. Although I have been doing a great job finding lots of amazing bargains on scrapbooking supplies, I haven't scrapbooked as much as I've wanted. I'd love to be able to complete at least a couple pages a week for the rest of the year. I want to focus on the photos and memories that mean the most to me now: our time here in our current apt., our relationship, Bug's first birthday, friendships, summer explorations, etc.
Reward: "Scrapbooking saves lives." In particular, ours. My family will know what's really important to us during this time of our lives. (Oh, and I may have to buy a few cute new products to complete the pages. :)

Those are my goals and I'm stickin' to em!

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