Sunday, August 29, 2010

This One's Full of Hot Air

Yesterday we headed out, for the first time, to a local festival held in the town we hope to live in very soon. In fact, the helicopter rides actually take off from the back of our neighborhood. (Our soon to be house *fingers crossed* is actually visible in this photo!) Upon arriving we sampled the food (we chose fish and chips), visited the craft show (perfect right?), and then took a short walk downtown.
We visited the local booths (art, crafts, businesses, food, farmer's market, etc.),
grabbed some Hershey's ice cream and sat in the park listening to the entertainment and enjoying a bit of shade. (Goofy photo, tons of laughter, great memories.)
We also found a section of the street with vendors carrying antique and vintage items. We took home a whole box full of goodies from a very friendly gentleman. I can't wait to show you the items we found for our new house! (Separate post coming soon!)
(Hmmm...there's one item partially sticking out of the box...)
Next stop, petting zoo!
There were goats, sheep, rabbits, a cow, chickens, ducks, pigs...what fun!
Then we headed back up the hill to the field behind our future house to wait for the hot air ballon portion of the festival. While waiting, this little guy kept us company.
The vans pulled up, unloaded...
displaying their beautiful colors for all to see...
and then one brave balloonist started the show. You forget how beautiful it is to watch something so simple, and huge, take shape. I couldn't believe that they were allowing people to get close enough to touch the balloons!
This is the point at which the crowd began to cheer.
As I watched that first balloon head off over our neighborhood, something absolutely magical was happening behind me.
Within seconds, more balloons began to fill, bouncing haphazardly off one another.
Time for a completely blissful photo capture!
The rest of what you will see below happened within ten minutes time!
(Over 30 balloons in all.)
Honestly, because this festival takes place in our future backyard, not knowing what to expect, I had really built it up in my head over the last month or so. I was so afraid that upon experiencing it for the first time, it just wouldn't be able to live up to my expectations. Yet somehow, the festival was even better than I had hoped. At one point during the balloon launch, I looked over at Rex, and he had that look in his eye. That look that tells me that he is absolutely and completely in love with the moment. That look that told me, he too felt that this really was the place for us.
We are wonderfully in love with our new little town, and can't wait to move in!
Thank you my bloggy friends, for letting us share this amazing experience with you!

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The Fabulous Ms. Beth said...

JL! How exciting! :)

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