Friday, April 23, 2010

A Week in the Life: Sunday

I woke up early (as I usually do on the weekends) and snuck over to the lounge area of our hotel room and began working on my 35 Before 36 Album.

Here are the pages so far.
(I totally stole this album idea from Janel!)
Rex headed down to the pool while I scrapped and checked in on my daily reads,
then we headed down to breakfast. (We ended up bringing it back to our room.)
Rex had oatmeal and brown sugar, I had WAFFLE WAFFLE
(Ha! Family Joke!)

Next stop: Michaels with my 20% off coupon, and back toward home.

(Rest Stop)
On the way home we noticed that the Tech Center has a new banner. That's a pretty big reason to celebrate around these parts!
My favorite "fast" food (and my favorite boy).

We were only gone overnight, but the cats sure were glad to see us, or at least to see our bags. As you can see, I did a lot of shopping, but the amazing part is that I spent very little considering what I came home with.
It was a crazy bargain shopping weekend.

At Bath and Body Works I scored on the buy three get three free sale. (And then got a coupon for another one free.) I stocked up on all vanilla scents of one sort or another. I now have enough body spray and wash for a year!

At Tuesday Morning I found entire ROLLS of Heidi Swapp stickers for a whopping 1.99 a roll. Yeah, that's like 4 cents a sticker sheet.

These Christmas and Journal kits were also 1.99 each.

5.99 ( Bought these especially for the clock stamps.)

Martha Stewart punches for 2.99? Yep!

I was super excited to find Tim Holtz grundgeboard tw0-packs for 7.99 each. I've never worked with grundgeboard but I can't wait to distress, paint and ink these. I bought the letters, numbers, shapes and elements. That's a 60 dollar value for 16!
Did I mention how much I love Tuesday Morning?

I finished out my day by relaxing, listening to my new She & Him album and then attempting to watch Watchmen with Rex. (We didn't really get into it and shut it off half way through.)

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