Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Look what just arrived!

My custom drawings from Janel!
I absolutely adore them!
Thank you SO much Janel!
(Can you tell just how excited I am?)

The first one is is part of our wedding song:

This one is based on one of Janel's journal pages.
I had her change the words a bit to include "guitars" and "spoils me".
She also added my favorite octopus necklace from Rex.
This one is a custom portrait of us.
I requested the dino shirt (which Janel did an AMAZING job on...
have you ever tried to draw a's NOT easy) and
then she surprised me by adding the guitar!
The quote at the top is the way we dinotext each other.
(When you have a husband named Rex, you're allowed to make up words like!)

(BTW: If dinosaurs were alive today, they would totally be "with the times" and texting, and I'm sure that those itty bitty T-rex claws would be perfectly able to text quickly and accurately....that is if he didn't fall over every time he tried to reach for the phone!)
{All photos are from Janel's blog}

Thanks for helping to make my birthday week so
special Janel!


1 comment:

Lindsay said...

oh my gosh!!!! Those are sooooooooo adorable!!! I love the dino shirt!!! the quote is beautiful! She did an awesome job!!

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