Wednesday, February 10, 2010


After getting 7-8 inches of snow last night, we finally got a snow day! I got the call at about 4:10 this morning which was surprising. It was the earliest we've ever been notified (except when it happens the night before). I was starting to wonder if we were going to go the whole winter without a snow/ice or cold day. Check out the photo of the parking lot in front of our apartment, It didn't even look like much once the sun came up this morning. 

 There was enough snow to get around on a snowmobile though. I could hear them buzzing by all day. 

I spent most of my day catching up with my bloggy friends, answering emails, grading papers, creating and scheduling blog posts for the next couple of weeks, cuddling all three kitties at once, and creating this banner for Rexy. (Lol...the two hearts at the bottom are attempting to cover the speaker and buttons for the front door.)

(Up close)
Oh, and I filled out Valentines for all my kids (for our party tomorrow).

It was a nice relaxing snow day!

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