Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Word of the Year 2010

If you've been reading this blog for at least a year (or three), you probably know that with the beginning of each year I choose a word to guide me.  In 2007 the word was Journey. Two thousand seven was quite a journey, ending in a very awkward and sad way, but soon we were into 2008 with a new word: Growth. Two thousand eight was truly a year of growth for us, in every way VERY positive. Two thousand nine brought us the word Create. And we did. We created a better place for ourselves, memories with friends and family, and I even began to create in new crafty ways.  
Soooo.......after much thought about our goals for this year, our word for 2010 is:

We're dreaming pretty big this year!
(image found at weheartit)

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