Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Victory for MSU!

A couple of months ago I got an e-mail from my college roommate D. She and her husband were planning on coming to Michigan and wanted to know if we'd like to get together. YEAH! Of course we did! The last time we saw these two was on our wedding day more than six years  ago and it WAS kind of a busy day. :) So, last weekend we headed to state for Homecoming. It was the first time we had been on campus for a game in about ten years (wow!). 
Long story short, we ended up crashing in the extra bed in their hotel room both nights and had an amazing time laughing, eating good food, and just hanging out to catch up with one another. It was as if no time had passed at all (except for the whole being-grown-up-now thing). 
Here are a couple of peeks at our weekend together:

"On the banks of the Red Cedar..."
Such a pretty campus.
"MSU we love thy shadows..."

"Victory for MSU!"

A little not-so late night Meijer run.
(There were a LOT of late night runs in college)

D and her husband Randy

You know these two cuties right?

Breakfast at Cracker Barrel

Can you believe that I'd never been to Cracker Barrel before?
Apple Harvest pancakes....MMMMMMM!

On the way home we cruised a couple of neighborhoods reminiscing about our old stomping grounds. This was the apartment I shared with D the year after we graduated from State. 

And this is where I did my student teaching so many years ago!

Stay tuned for more fun at MSU's Midnight Madness. 
(You know State Basketball has to have its own post!)

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