Wednesday, July 01, 2009

So Take the Photographs and Still Frames in Your Mind

I've been on summer vacation now for three days (having finished my classes last Friday) and I feel like I have so much I want to do this summer!
So far this week I have:
*spent six hours at the scrapbooking store starting pages for my Hawaiian album
*cleaned, straightened and did three loads of laundry
*proofed/edited over three hundred wedding photos
*created and printed CD labels for wedding photos
*had a root canal (which I am still taking Advil for)
*taken a couple of naps (due to the fun dentist visit)
*caught up with facebook, email and my favorite blogs
*organized my scrapbooking supplies once again
*cleaned out the fridge and scrubbed the kitchen counters
*ordered two more albums for the photos of Hawaii
and it's only Wednesday!
Here's to a productive and fun summer vacation!

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