Thursday, July 02, 2009

Right Now

Outside My Window
Dark clouds moving swiftly by, birds chirping happily, balloons in the wind, bright green grass against burnt red cedar chips, Mr. Chipmunk taking a dirt bath in my planter

I Am Thinking
About creating a summer mini-book, I'd probably better stop eating watermelon (after all, the container almost shuts now), I hope family can come to enjoy the fireworks here on Saturday, I need to make a trip to the dollar store soon

I Am Thankful
My husband loves me so very much, we get to spend time with family this week, It's almost time to meet my new nephew Hayden, I have three super cuddle cats, we haven't had to use the air conditioning much lately, my Hawaiian albums arrived today

From the Kitchen
Little spots of watermelon juice on the counter, Spatz bread for toast, our favorite coffee cups in the dishwasher, coconut syrup for our coffee, multiple boxes of our favorite cereals, pool passes for the new year, two giant Maglights in case of power outages

I Am Wearing
My favorite jeans from ten years ago (with holes in the knees), white socks, my comfy MSU t-shirt from 1993, beige toenail polish, my glasses and my hair in a ponytail

I Am Creating
Baby layouts for a book, a summer mini-book, layouts of our trip to Hawaii, some felt fun for a loved one, sketches of dreams of craftiness, summer journal pages, more original paintings, new webpages for upcoming photo events

I Am Going
To spend time with family, to work on my scrapbooking projects, to do a little more cleaning, to watch fireworks off our balcony on Saturday, to read the many books and magazines on my nightstand, to cuddle my husband, to stay up late creating

One of My Favorite Things
My new MSU blanket, handmade by the mom of a very special student I had this year (Such a SWEET family!)


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