Friday, April 11, 2008

Tagged Again! (It makes me feel special)

Beth took this quiz on myspace and tagged me, so I'm posting on my blog instead.  Here goes!

1. What are your names?  Jen and Rex
2. When did you get married?  August 2, 2003
3. How did you meet?  We lived on the same floor in college (5 West Forever Baby!)
4. Who is better looking? Me of course. (HA!)
5. Who makes more money? We're pretty even.
6. What attracted you to each other? He was funny and outgoing, me...sweet and reserved...secretly ready for a little fun.
7. What did you do on your last date? Went shopping.
8. Why do you love them so much? He's so caring, intelligent, and amazingly strong.
9. How many people were in your bridal party? Including us...15.
10. List the bridesmaids.  Kim, Dana, MJ, Missi, Emily, Gabby
11. List the groomsmen.  Mikie, Ryan, Joe, Gilly, Chris, Ryan, Stein
12.  Where did you go on your honeymoon?  Hawaii
13. Where was your last vacation? Canada last August.
14. Do you have any kids?  Just the three furry ones.
15. Who is older?  He is by almost three years.
16. Who cooks? He does.
17. Girls, what sports does he make you watch?  Football.  The rest we agree on!
18. Guys, what sappy thing does she make you watch? Disney movies, Angel
19. Who is taller? He is by about eight inches.
20. Who cleans?  He straightens, I clean.
21. Who takes out the trash?  He does.
22. Who is better at sports?  Is scrapbooking a sport? No..well then he wins.
23. Who usually drives?  He does, duh!
24. Would you marry them again? Let me think...YES!
25. What do your friends think of him? He is the sweetest, most caring soul.  He will do anything to help out a friend. 
26. What time is it? Noon (Last day of Spring Break)
27. Do you like to go to weddings?  Yes please!
28. Who do you think will get married next out of your group of friends?  Gilly!
29. Where are you both from? I'm from T.C., he's an Air Force brat, but calls Flint home.
30. How big is your tv?  Just big enough for the two of us.
31.  Do you think your friends will repost this?  Jo? Chris? (You can post it on myspace)

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