Sunday, December 02, 2018

Don't Call It A Comeback!

PLEASE don't call it a comeback. 
Honestly, the idea of starting this whole blog thing up again is equal parts exciting and overwhelming. There were so many unpublished posts lingering on here.  They were part of the reason I hit a standstill. I had preloaded a bunch of posts with photos, waiting for the right time to fill in the details, and then real life got in the way. Every time I would return to this little space, those posts just felt overwhelming. 
Today, I turned the corner. 
I hit publish on those sad little non-posts anyway.

Please know, even though this little blog has no record of our lives over the past couple of years, It has been a life well lived, and well documented. 

So here we are.
Starting over.
I'm by no means going to even try to catch up. 
I will start new.

Oh, I almost forgot! 
We added two little fur babies to our home!
Meet Jazzy (Adopted January 2016)

And Poe (Adopted Christmas 2016)

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