Friday, July 01, 2016

Summer Scavenger Hunt 2016

Back in 2012,  I found an exciting Photo Scavenger Hunt Challenge on the blog of the lovely Rinda. Back then, I thought it would be the perfect excuse to get off the beaten path and explore during our road trips. As it turns out, Rinda's Scavenger Hunt has become one of our favorite summer traditions. Just a couple of weeks ago,  Rex brought it to my attention that I had not yet informed him of the list for this year. (I love it when he gets excited about things like this!) Obviously, something had to be done about that right away, so I looked up the list and once again transferred it to my camping journal so it would be with us all summer.

Here are the items we've found off of this year's list so far:

4.  A Book or Magazine Read in 2016

This particular book,  The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend  by Katerina Bivald, was the perfect way to start my summer. It's a novel about a charming little town, which centers around the lives of two very different women and their common love for books. Many of the events in the book reminded me of something that would happen in Stars Hollow (Gilmore Girls reference) so it was a very enjoyable and relaxing read for me.

5. A Porch or Deck
This photo (and the book photo) are taken on our deck. I love to start each morning with a cup of coconut mocha coffee, a book or magazine and our two cats, Littefoot (above) and Jazzy. 

6. A Camper
Although constantly surrounded by campers in the summer, this particular camper is my favorite camper in the whole world. Why? Well, because this camper is home base during our family camping trips.  The best conversations take place in and around this camper. Stories of family and friends, journeys and adventures, loved ones reminiscing of times long since passed, and making plans for the future. These are the days I live for. 

7. A Family Gathering
Clearly, the camper picture covers the family gathering too, but this particular picture if from a Father's Day BBQ on Rex's side of the family. I love how the men are all lined up watching the next generation play baseball. The perfect afternoon of great conversation and relaxation.

8. A Drawing or Art Project
This art project is special to me for a few reasons. First of all, I have been awed and inspired by the amazing Tamara Laporte. I have just recently discovered her and her blog (Willowing Arts) and completed this mixed media piece based on her youtube video found here. Not only did I surprise myself by actually being able to produce something halfway decent looking, but I managed to make it look like someone very special to me. I was very proud to give it to her for her birthday, and can't wait to try something like this again. 

11. Fresh Produce
One of the things that makes our summer bucket list every year is berry picking. We were lucky enough to get to the local farm on the second day that the strawberries were ready and walked away with a little over 14 pounds (and sore backs and knees) when all was said and done. Two pies, 11 quarts of jam, numerous milkshakes and many nights of chocolate covered strawberries made it all worthwhile.

12. A Window
This particular window is really nothing special, but it tells one of the stories of this summer. I have been spending quite a bit of time in the car running errands and taking  Rex to and from his classes. Sitting back with my feet on the passenger seat, checking my phone, while waiting for Rex has been a unique part of this summer's routine.

15. A Team Logo
We are HUGE Michigan State fans around here. Very few days go by where one of us doesn't have one of our many MSU hats and/or shirts on. When we are out together and get separated, I immediately start looking for an MSU hat to find Rex. :)

19. A Seasonal Beverage
I have been really into mango flavored drinks lately. This aerated water is the last of many we bought while visiting a unique little grocery store named Horrock's in Battle Creek last fall. (Pausing to take a sip from the glass of mango juice and sprite in front of me.)

20. Someone Laughing
I love this photo! This was one in a series of photos I took of my mom and sister during our family camping trip. My sister was teasing my mom while feeding her grapes (think grapes dangling overhead, mom stretching her neck upward like a giraffe) and we all began laughing so hard that we couldn't breathe. (There may have also been some accidental snorting involved.)

So there you have it, stay tuned for further scavenger hunt items, and please head on over to check out Rinda's blog and all the wonderful ladies who are linking up this week.



Maria Ontiveros said...

Awww. . . these are just wonderful because they capture the essence of summer.
Exactly what I'm hoping for with the scavenger hunt.
Thanks for joining again this year for for linking up.
I especially love your camper and the laughter. . .

BJ said...

Nighttime camper and family gathering made me smile. BJ

Sharon Koole said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like lovely summer fun. I am certainly enjoying the outdoors this year since getting out and about more.

Halle said...

So much fun! Your family camp looks like a blast!

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