Tuesday, February 09, 2016

OLW January

Just like every year, I started 2016 off by choosing a word to guide me. 
Actually, to be totally honest, my word chose me way back in October. 
It's funny how one day a word starts running around your brain. 
Round and round, full of possibility and promise,
the excitement growing
until finally, January 1st arrives!

As the new year began, I was (again) super excited to begin
I immediately jumped in to start to get to know my word. 
The funny thing is, upon reflecting, 
it immediately became obvious that choosing the word 
BRAVE was going to be scary. 
Very scary.
I knew this was going to be a hard year, 
and I chose my word to face the year head on, 
but now I was scared. 
Clearly, I had chosen the perfect word for me.

So there they are: my reflections and intentions for being BRAVE in 2016.


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