Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Challenge!

At the beginning of the month I ran across this 30 Day Photo Challenge and decided it was the perfect activity to add to the gazillions of creative items on my to-do list for the month. So without further delay, here are the first 12 days!

Day 1: Self-Portrait
(on the way to the beach)
Day 2: What I Wore
(on my anniversary)
Day 3: Clouds
Day 4: Favorite Color-Robin's Egg Blue
(on our front porch)
Day 5: Someone I Love
(How about a whole lot of someones!)
Day 6: Childhood Memory
(Newly recovered boxes from mom and dad's basement)
Day 7: Something New
(My favorite scrapbooking supply, Thickers from Big Lots for $2.00)
Day 8: Technology
(He knew how to use it on the first try, WOW!)
Day 9: Faceless Self-Portrait
(while visiting lighthouses on Lake Huron)
Day 10: Something I Made
(I painted the back of a $1.00 Halloween sign for my HP Party)
Day 11: Something Fun
(You've gotta love photobooth!)
Day 12: Close-Up

Now we're all caught up!
Let me know if you're playing along. :)

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