Sunday, September 05, 2010


The other day I posted about some items I found to decorate our new house. You may have noticed that I left out some important rooms. One of those rooms is the Master Bedroom. Again, the amazing Janel led me in the direction of a fabulous Etsy shop called dottieangel. I've now been stalking her Etsy Shop and visiting her blog regularly for updates. Anyway, I instantly fell in love with the vintage materials and colors that Tif (dottie angel) uses. I would absolutely love to build our bedroom around her pieces. Do you think it's too girly? I keep showing Rex the photos, hinting at how wonderful it would look (eventually). A mix of vintage pieces, repurposed pieces, with some newer pieces thrown in, that's my dream room. Did I mention the light blue chandelier hanging over the vintage chair in the corner? (Rex is totally onboard with the chandelier by the way!) It's going to be so much fun finding great little pieces for our house. I can't wait!

*I REALLY wish she still had this decorated deer bust. I've been all over the internet searching for this deer! Has anyone seen one like this? Please let me know if you have. I just adore it!*
Time to head off to dream some more!


ashleigh said...

In the newest Do It Yourself magazine they have a step by step on how to make one!!! Thats the whole reason I bought the magazine this month!!! I cant wait to make mine!

Lynnbobscrap said...

Thank you Ashleigh!

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