Monday, June 21, 2010


The school year is officially over!

(The busses always circle the parking lot a few times so the staff can wave to the children before they leave for the summer.)

(With my BFF Mike just moments after the children left.
The last day was EXHAUSTING!)

Summer always feels like a whole new beginning, a time to make new plans, to spend the day however I wish. A time to catch up (HA!) on my scrapbooking, to make ambitious crafty plans, to sit by the pool, and walk the nearby parks for photo-ops.
A time to wait anxiously for Rex to return home to my newly refined culinary skills, a time to relish because it always goes too fast!
So this morning, I armed myself with a bowl of cereal with fresh strawberries and sat down to make a plan....THEN... Rexy arrived with my favorite PUMPKIN SPICE coffee. Now I know that it's not fall yet but pumpkin spice is my absolute favorite! (Hold the phone...did she just say that Rex came home with coffee?) Yes, you heard that right, Rex came home to work from home today...on my FIRST day of summer vacation. HA! Figures. I was so motivated to get a jump start on my summer today and my hubby returned, invading my space, to work here at home. So today wasn't so productive after all, but the great part about summer vacation is that there's always tomorrow...oh, and a good (adult) book.
Coming Soon:
*journaling updates
*scrappy goodness
*Monday Make It: crafty tutorials
*Thursday Thank Yous
*the rest of my Boot Camp challenge photos
*RVA Summer Camp project updates


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