Monday, May 17, 2010

Megameet 2010

May has been a really busy month, so let's catch you up by beginning with our annual excursion to the Megameet a few weeks back.
As you may already know, JoJo and I have made it a tradition to shop the meet, go out for lunch, shop some more, take a series of kooky photos (remember last year's karate kick photos?) and turn SO many heads in the process that other people start to wonder what they're missing out on. Every year I get a coffee headache, buy tons of fun new product, laugh so much that my stomach hurts the next day, and kick myself for not hanging out with this amazing girl more often.
(Now that I've talked your head off, let's get to some photos!)

Tim Holtz giving demos

I've been dreaming about the burgers at this place ever since this day!
Lunch Time for Awesome and Awesome's Sidekick
(That's how we labeled our ordersheets)
JoJo's Train Wreck with Sweet Potato Chips
We left a friendly gift for the waitstaff. (They were fun!)
I won a prize again this year. (That's 8 out of 10 years!)
The traditional Trunk Photos!

We're kind of rockstars you know!
(Now we just have to scrap our adventures in our awesome superhero albums!)

(I'm pretty sure we bought stuff for that!)

1 comment:

Josie said...

LOL! That was a great time!!! We're such goof balls! :)

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