Sunday, April 11, 2010

What exactly DID you do for Spring Break?

Last year for spring break I was lucky enough to travel to Hawaii with friends. This year, I was asked so many times, "Do you have plans for spring break?", my standard answer: "No, just relaxing at home". So, in case any of you wonder what hanging out (alone) at home entails, here's the answer (in no particular order):

This week I...

*caught up on all my favorite blogs and bookmarked some new favs
*cuddled and cuddled and cuddled our kitties
*watched the 5th season of LOST and most
of the 1st season of Buffy
*took, edited, printed and organized hundreds of photos
*cleaned the apartment and used our new pet hair vacuum!
*cooked dinner for *Sweets* all week (Sweets= Rex)
* tried out some new recipes
*went grocery shopping and ran errands
*ate way too much good food
*celebrated Easter and my birthday up north with my family
*got my order from Red Velvet Art's latest update
*ordered and received washi tape for my journaling class
*ordered a cute new journal from Janel
*received amazing handmade birthday gifts from JoJo
*made and distributed Lost Cat fliers
*Hoped and prayed that Littlefoot would return home
*Got not one but two GREAT NEWS alerts from family and friends
*Cuddled *Sweets* every night while playing "I Challenge You!" (Jeopardy)
*called my mom repeatedly
*completed the cover and bonus pages for the Tell Your Story Class
*relaxed and took a couple of much needed naps
*listened to Paperclipping episodes while crafting
*watched Up in the Air and Did You Hear About the Morgans?
*updated my netflix queue
*read many magazines and a couple of books
*cuddled my favorite 8 month old: *Bug*
*took random photobooth pics (mostly involving cats)
*enjoyed the rain and thunderstorms (instead of snow)
*continued my daily journaling
*made the bed every day (so I wouldn't be tempted to crawl back in)
*enjoyed the silence
*dreaded going back to work (report cards on Monday...yuck!)


1 comment:

Josie said...

Out of curiosity where did you get your washi tape from?

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