Saturday, February 06, 2010

Spring Cleaning Phase 1

We spent today sorting, cleaning, moving furniture and steam cleaning the floor. Did you know that you can rent a steam cleaner for 24 hours for only 20 bucks? Quite the deal. Anyway, I'm feeling better now about the apartment. (I always feel so trapped in the winter- short days, little sunlight.)

Rex calls the TV our "jellyfish" as he has yet to wrap the cords. 
( makes me smile.)

This reminds me of when we were kids and used to line up the dining room chairs to pretend to ride the bus. I guess that makes this a monorail.   :)

Oh, and the new shelves are almost comletely organized (on the left). 
These were a gift from Rex for Christmas and have made it so much fun to organize and use my supplies. (On the right is the old shelf from that wall.)

Ahhhhh...I feel better now.

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