Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fashion Inspiration

The first assignment in my Style School class was to create a Style File. My Style File is still a work in progress but I have been collecting photos, magazine cut-outs, tags, and patterns that inspire the different facets of my life. I thought I would share my biggest fashion inspiration with you: 
Emily Martin of Inside a Black Apple.
I LOVE her art, but I love her fashion just about as much. She even has a separate fashion blog. So go grab a cup of coffee/cocoa, and a blanket and settle in, you could get lost in Emily's world (in a very good way)!

Inside a Black Apple (Emily's Art Blog)

Some Girls Wander  (Emily's Fashion Blog)
(All photos below are from Some Girls Wander)

Inspired Yet?

1 comment:

Danielle said...

I am DEFINITELY inspired by these images! Thanks so much for sharing. I love her art too, and never knew she had a fashion blog. Thanks for the heads up!


Great post :)

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