Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Journal TIme

I'm happy to say I have been keeping up with my December Daily/Journal Your Christmas journal.  (Unfortunately, I'm not doing very well photographing and uploading it.) It has been so much  fun reflecting on holidays past as well as recording traditions, decorations, happenings and our yearly Christmas card (and Kim's too---photos and creation by me!) Enjoy!
(Kim's Card)

(Our card and day 4 -santa photo)

(back of day 4-The Perfect Christmas)

(day 5 with my finished advent calendar)

(day 6, My Favorite Christmas Memories)

(back of day 6-The Year Karlstrom Saved Christmas, day 7-To Do List)

(day 8-Christmas sights around the house)

I can't wait until this is finished! 
(I just know it is going to end up being one of my favorite albums.)


Josie said...

It's so cute!

Anonymous said...
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