Monday, October 12, 2009

Along the Way

A couple of weekends ago we were lucky enough to head to the Windy City to participate in the wedding of two great friends. Rex's honor was to be a groomsman and stand beside some of his best buddies in the world, while my honor was to record the whole wedding on film. Although I was nervous, I walked away with some great photos and wonderful memories of the day.
I have been working on editing the photos over the last week or so and along the way I discovered some interesting photos of myself "on the job". So I thougt I would share.

This is a self-portrait taken while spending the morning with the bride.
( Notice I do not yet look like a drowned rat.)
Here I am in action. In fact, I'm not sure either one of my feet is on the ground!
(Notice the POURING rain!)
The Shot
And here I am in my 3 inch heals on the top of a slippery four foot wall.
Right after taking this shot you could hear me yell, "Wrong groom! Wrong groom!"
(The groom in this wedding is the one standing next to me in MY wedding pictures! That's when someone should have yelled, "Wrong groom!")
Thanks to the groom's sister Jen I have this shot of myself (which I LOVE),
taking this shot of the beautiful Mr. and Mrs.

What a great day!
(More to come soon!)


JenCoen said...

Beautiful photos!!
Congratulations on winning the elsie painting!!

Lynnbobscrap said...

Thank you so much!

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