Monday, September 07, 2009

Arts, Beats and Eats Fun

Yesterday we met up with Chris (the oh-so-young birthday boy) and the lovely Amy to take in some live music.  Both artists that we saw had great voices! We had a great time taking, laughing, teasing one another, taking goofy photos  and just plain hanging out.  It was sad to leave them (we kept saying we were going, and then couldn't walk away) but we will see them again in a couple of weeks when we get to see Chris' new band play.  

Arts, Beats and Eats
I LOVE this photo of Amy, isn't she beautiful?
My Boys
Just another reflection photo. You know how much I like taking these!

This one's super cool!
Rex took this photo of the four of us (including himself), by looking at the reflection of  the camera lens in my sunglasses! That makes it at least a double refection right?
We spent the last of our tickets on some yummy "British Style Fish & Chips."
As we walked away, I noticed that they were frying pickles...yum! 
Then when I was fixing the photo, I noticed the Twinkie boxes in the left corner. 
I've always wondered what fried Twinkies taste like, darn!
Enjoying the view of downtown.

Then when we got home, I used You Tube to teach myself how to crochet! It turns out that when they suggest you use worsted yarn, they weren't kidding. It's really hard to learn on fuzzier yarn. Hopefully that means next time it will be much easier. :P

Have a great Labor Day!

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Anonymous said...

aww..thanks Jenny! It was good to see you guys too:)

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