Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Might Be Just a Little Bit Out to Lunch

What have I been doing the past week? Well, the school year wrapped up on Thursday, we had a teacher work day on Friday, birthday party for Mike on Saturday, Red Bull Air Races on Sunday, Movie Day on Monday, ran errands on Tuesday and started my summer classes today. How is that for the start of summer vacation?
So, I get to classes today and they tell us that SB-CEUs only count for renewing your teaching certificate if you have a Professional certificate. At which point I start to wonder if I ever fixed the mistake on my last renewal (the state messed up and gave me the wrong type of certificate), and if indeed I did have a Professional, not a Provisional certificate. I know that I meant to renew it. I must have renewed it right? What am I going to do if I have the wrong type of certificate and these classes don't count? How do I find enough credits to renew my certificate by the end of June? (TWO weeks from now!) Let's just say that for the remaining three hours of class today, I was a nervous mess inside.

Fast forward to five o'clock. I get home and immediately check my certificate, hoping and praying that I have a Professional certificate. (For those of you not familiar with the certificate thing, invalid certificate = no job....yeah...that's REALLY not good!) So at this point I realize that although a very grateful one,
I not only have a Professional certificate, and had the problem fixed, but I still have three more years left (not two weeks) to take the credits! Wow....apparently I have been out to lunch.
So, as it turns out, although nonintentionally, I am WAY ahead of the game. I'm going to continue to take these two classes with my friends (since I have already budgeted them in) and just wait to use them to renew in 2012. Bottom line...after next week, I have until 2017 to get my next six credits. Who knows, maybe this is someone's way of telling me it's time to settle down and start a family (Pretty please!). One can only hope.....

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