Monday, June 01, 2009

Happy Mail!

Okay, if you haven't already heard, I am absolutely in love with all things Elsie.  I check her blog daily, use her artwork as inspiration for my own, have all of her books, and as many of her art prints and original kits as I can afford.  It just so happens Elsie is hosting her own 24 hour blog party today,(just click on the "A Beautiful Mess" widget on the right) so of course I rushed home to see what kind of fun was in store.  After devouring her blog for about twenty minutes, I happened to walk by the arm of the couch where there was Happy Mail waiting for me FROM ELSIE HERSELF!  
Check it out!
XOXO Elsie Kit

Elsie Favorites Kit

9 Months of Memories Kit
(nope, not pregnant :)

Camera stickers, my new cuff/coffee holder, and a FREE vinyl title for my scrapbooking haven.
I can't wait to start playing!

And this came too!
What a day:D  
 So much for my schoolwork!

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