Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm Betting on Alice

Boy do I feel good today! Last night after parent-teacher conferences I ran home and made my share of the Thanksgiving goodies (ambrosia, clam dip, Azteco dip, cranberry salad) and we hurried over to Mike and Erin's to drop said goodies off.  Then we made it a night out and headed to this movie together: 

The movie was enjoyable, but the conversations between Rex and I this morning were even more so. I love it when we read the same books! I know he read it (and saw the movie) for me, but having discussions like this about books, movies, history, science, whatever it may be, just makes me warm and fuzzy inside.  So what I'm saying is... he's my brand of heroin. :)  
Having said that, I will now snuggle under my cuddle blanket for a few more minutes, enjoy my peppermint mocha, and relish the dinging of pans in the kitchen as Rex prepares the turkey for our tenth annual Friends' Thanksgiving.  Today is a perfect day.

1 comment:

Jo said...

LOL! Did you get the necklace too? Glad you guys got to see it together but I had serious issues with the movie... give me a call chica ;)

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